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GPD membranes

The use of reverse osmosis membranes in the water treatment industry is standard practice, due to the requirement for filtration to remove unwanted impurities from the water. Membranes from reputable brands such as Filmetec 8″ Filmetec 8”, Toray 8”, Vontron 8”, Hydranautics 8”, Filmetec 4”, Toray 4”, Vontron 4”, Hydranautics 4” are widely used in this field. Membrane water treatment is achieved through the use of barriers that allow only specific substances to pass through the small pores of the membrane while preventing other types of contaminants. There are a variety of membranes on the market that act as treatment processes for groundwater, surface water and wastewater to a level that is acceptable to industry and, in particular, consumers. This is a rapidly growing industry, due to the need to combat low quality water sources such as rivers, lakes, wells, streams and the ocean, in order to provide more alternative methods of providing healthy, safe, stable and accessible water resources to the masses.

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