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Boiler room

The boiler room is the heart of the installation, and certain conditions must be respected depending on the chosen fuel for proper operation, safety, and the longevity of the installation.

It is indeed necessary to ensure highly effective ventilation. The flue must have easy access to allow for cleaning while avoiding interior burrs and alignment defects, as otherwise, the installation of the lining may pose difficulties.

Traitement des eaux Aqua Pur Tunisie
Traitement des eaux Aqua Pur Tunisie

The chimney must extend at least 0.50 meters above the ridge of the building or any other obstacle within 8 meters.

The diameter of the lining must in all cases be equal to or greater than the diameter of the smoke outlet nozzle of the boiler, with particular attention to the direction of the lining.

Furthermore, every industrial boiler room must have a fresh air inlet with a net surface area of 100 cm² (subtracting the surface area of the rain guard and mosquito net). The height is not crucial as long as the boiler is connected to an exhaust duct. The ventilation can consist of multiple openings as long as the total area is 100 cm².